The Satellite Center can provide a Private Cable System for your hotel, condo, or apartment complex. We design, install and maintain systems for many hotels, assisted living communities and condominiums in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. We partnered with Day’s Inn Airport, Bienville House, Canal Place, Place St. Charles, Saratoga Condominium’s, The Carol Condominium’s and The Windsor Court Hotel to name a few.

What is a Private Cable System?

Let’s take a moment to explain how it all works: Our systems consist of one to three satellite antennas securely mounted to the building. These antennas are usually 24 inches in diameter and are typically installed where they are hard to see and/or are protected from wind. These antennas are then connected via coaxial cables to a rack of equipment called the headend. The headend system is located in a closet or engineering area out of the way. It takes the signals from the satellites and converts them to specific TV channels and then sends these signals to all TV’s within the property.

The channels then can be viewed using a analog or digital TV set. The amount and types of channels are determined by property management or the tenants. Satellite Center can custom build the channels offered to exactly what the hotel or tenants of the property want to watch and exclude what they don’t want, thereby saving money by not paying for channels that may not be in the demographic of the property. This way, you only pay for the channels that you know that you or the guests/residents want to see and not for channels that are not going to be watched. Depending on the type of channels selected, it is easy to see how you can build the channel line-up with more of what you do want and less waste, thereby saving money on TV service while customizing the package.

We have been designing and implementing cable solutions for all types of properties for over 15 years.

A brilliant new solution for the hospitality industry, the revolutionary smartbox is designed for your entire property portfolio, delivering energy efficiency and flexibility while requiring less space.