About us

Satellite Center has been in the Communications Business since 1984. We specialize in satellite reception and transmission systems for TV and Radio Networks.

We have several satellite uplink trucks that provide transmission services for ESPN Sports, ABC News and Sports, CBS News and Sports, NBC News and Sports, FOX Sports, FOX News Channel, CNN, CSPN and many more. Our trucks serve the Greater New Orleans area as well as the surrounding Southern States.

We design, install and service over 75 Private cable systems for Hotels, Condos, and retirement communities across the South. We provide turn-key installations often without any out of pocket expense. Our per room monthly cost is often lower than using traditional cable TV and the HD channels look great. We can also repair existing distribution systems and clear up reception regardless of the provider.

Our 24/7 radio network on AMC 8 C-band provides solid audio distribution for the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans Radio Networks as well as other syndicated talk radio shows. We are in over 40 radio stations across the South. Let us show you how we can distribute your sports or talk radio network. We can often deploy your show with little or no out of pocket expense.