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"Keeping the Crescent City connected for 30 years"

Welcome to the oldest and largest Satellite Telecommunications company in south Louisiana. We are the best resource for your connectivity needs.

Hotel / Condo TV Systems

Want an easy upgrade to clear, reliable TV Systems for your Hotel, Condo or Office Building? And improve amenities with great customer service for your guests and tenants! We have designed, installed and maintain hundreds of Custom Television systems across the South. We provide turn-key installations and our per-room monthly cost is often lower than traditional cable TV. Our HD channels can also improve reception with all the popular and premium channels. No mini or set-top boxes required, and we meet all brand-standards for 4 & 5 star hotels and their integrators. We also offer HDTV local service and a Dish Network digital signal to the back of each set in your building.

We can also repair your existing distribution systems and clear up reception regardless of the provider under contract. Conversely we can also become your new channel provider if your equipment distribution system is in good order but you want to change your provider. Some of our satisfied clients are The Mercedes-Benz Superdome, The Windsor Court, Bienville House, Le Richilieu, Alder Hotel and many more. Learn more about our TV Systems for Hotels and our TV Systems for Condo/Apts!

Mobile Uplink Broadcast

Trust the largest fleet in the south of satellite uplink trucks for your Interviews, SMT’s, Conventions, Breaking News or Sporting Event from anywhere to anywhere in the USA or from our insert studio in New Orleans. You can uplink and/or downlink with our High Definition digital KU and C-band Uplink trucks and experienced engineers for nationwide coverage. For breaking news, we cover the entire Southern Region, providing fast reliable service in: Louisiana LA, Mississippi MS, Alabama AL, Texas TX, Florida FL, Arkansas AR, Tennessee TN, Georgia GA and South Carolina SC.  Call Dan 504-915-8244 for a quote.

High-Speed Internet

Introducing Louisiana Information Technology LLC ("L.I.T.") our affiliate who can hook you up with High Speed Internet for multi-unit Condo/Apt. Complexes and Office Towers at affordable prices. Tenants in uptown Garden District & CBD/Warehouse neighborhoods can get outstanding service and faster speeds from a locally owned and operated business with a conscience. Get Enlightened and Get LIT! Call to see if you are in our current or upcoming service area.

Commercial Installations

Commercial Antennas & Satellite installations for your radio or TV station are what we love to do!  We are the foremost recommended installers in the gulf region and will customize, provide and install the best turn-key system for your needs. We can work with your budget for a professional installation that eliminates most maintenance issues. We know our stuff!

Satellite Radio Network

Digital Radio Uplink never sleeps!  We love being the home of the Saints and the Pelicans radio networks. All your broadcast needs are covered by our 24/7 C-band uplink on ECHO 105 to send out your show or sports event to any US radio station with perfect digital quality sound. Say….Who Dat!

100% Locally Owned and Operated…. Most of what you see and hear in New Orleans comes through a dish installed by The Satellite Center!

Recent Projects

SATCTR at work at the New Orleans Preservation Hall

High Tech from the Old World:  Satellite Center Helps Oculus create a VR Experience at Preservation Hall

In the world of Virtual Reality, high stability upload speeds are required for the new generation of bandwidth hungry applications. If you want to stream “on location”, you need dedicated upload speeds in the 25 to 60mb range, which most venues cannot supply. Using Satellite Mobile Uplink is the answer.

For a recent presentation from Oculus, the VR headset & hardware maker, Satellite Center and LBIsat provided the necessary dedicated bandwidth. Oculus was able to upload and showcase their new and exciting equipment right from the iconic Preservation Hall in New Orleans French Quarter.  The headset and its features were displayed “live” for techies and gamers to preview using a smooth stream of 60mbps x 30mbps via satellite.  This is how Satellite Center can be the ideal solution to ensure smooth streaming and speed for a remote link.  Whatever product, service you want to feature or event you want to share… don’t let the old world stop you from connecting to the new!

Shop News

Satellite Center Streams 7 Simultaneous Videos for ESPN!

Satellite Center flawlessly provided a 7 channel high definition REMI backhaul for ESPNU last week from Tulane’s Yulman Stadium in New Orleans to ESPN Master Control in Bristol Connecticut.

Connectivity between the points was a 150mb fiber path. Two return channels were also brought to Yulman via fiber from Bristol and demodulated by Satellite Center for use by the production truck.

REMI is short for remote integration which is a new production technology developed by ESPN. It allows for minimal crew on location and the final production to be switched and produced back in Bristol.

This production technique allows for major savings in crewing and travel expenses while still producing a high quality show for ESPN viewers to enjoy. It also allows ESPN to cover more events throughout the year.

For more info on REMI and other production work, contact Dan Teachworth of Satellite Center at 504-466-3474