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Satellite Center works with Weather Channels’ Jim Cantore and Lowe’s on hurricane preparedness.

Live from Gulfport MS, we reached out to 26 markets talking about the importance of being prepared before a storm arrives and all the supplies needed to help keep you safe.  He also provided tips on cleaning up after the storm.  A timely reminder for the Gulf Coast on staying ready during hurricane season.

SATCTR covers president Trump’s visit to Louisiana

Satellite Center parks at New Orleans Airport to cover President Trumps arrival in Louisiana for a fundraiser at Metairie Country Club, then heads to Hackberry, LA south of Lake Charles for Trumps tour of the Cameron LNG Oil refinery.

His trip to the giant refinery’s Export facility is to see the construction of its new Natural Gas production that’s expected to roll out within days after the trip.  The goal of the refinery’s expansion is to provide clean natural gas for domestic US and to export to other countries around the world.

Good job guys for the clean transmission seen by millions!

Satellite Center Adds a Second LTN Uplink Studio

Satellite Center loves having Senators, local decision-makers and notable figures come by to broadcast their interviews to the networks or ESPN.  We’ve also uplinked SMT’s and other segments to popular shows and news outlets around the country.  We can also feed your VNR or taped segments and packages via satellite any time to anywhere.  We’ve now added a 2nd Insert Studio on ground level at the Shop. We still use HD equipment and offer a variety of monitors & backdrops or we can use your custom background.  If you have a product, service, interview or showcase you want to share with the world. Contact Tom Fitzgerald at 504-450-2169 or Satellite Center at 504-466-3474


Satellite Center Streams 7 Simultaneous Videos for ESPN!

Satellite Center flawlessly provided a 7 channel high definition REMI backhaul for ESPNU last week from Tulane’s Yulman Stadium in New Orleans to ESPN Master Control in Bristol Connecticut.

Connectivity between the points was a 150mb fiber path. Two return channels were also brought to Yulman via fiber from Bristol and demodulated by Satellite Center for use by the production truck.

REMI is short for remote integration which is a new production technology developed by ESPN. It allows for minimal crew on location and the final production to be switched and produced back in Bristol.

This production technique allows for major savings in crewing and travel expenses while still producing a high quality show for ESPN viewers to enjoy. It also allows ESPN to cover more events throughout the year.

For more info on REMI and other production work, contact Dan Teachworth of Satellite Center at 504-466-3474


Satellite Center and Louisiana Information Technology (LIT) recently checked out the annual WISPAPALOOZA convention in Las Vegas.

The big draw was finding the best alternative to the incumbent internet and TV providers around the nation. WISPA stands for “Wireless Internet Service Provider Association” and LIT is one of its members now!  We got to hang out with industry leaders like Ubiquiti Networks, Powercode, Cambium Networks, and Baicells Technologies to learn about their equipment and how we can bring high quality internet service to Orleans and Jefferson Parish at a competitive price.  But check this out, we also came across Ubiquitis’ high speed fixed point-to-point “AirFiber” Antennas that allow INSANE speeds to be delivered to people all around the city at very reliable consistency!  Satellite Center and LIT are looking forward to bringing southern Louisiana into the next generation of high-speed wireless.


Be a Part of the Growing Trend Moving away from Corporate Monopolies: Local Customization!

Affordable, Reliable Cable TV Service with Customized Upgrades for your Hotel, Condominium or Commercial Property.
Satellite Center is the best local alternative!  If you are looking for better cable TV options for your guests & tenants at your Hotel, Apartment/Condo Complex or Office Tower, we can customize an affordable package with great customer service.  We make it easy to transition to the best local cable TV providers the area has to offer. Unlike the corporate giants, we enjoy customizing to your needs and making our customers happy for over 30 years !  You will also feel proud keeping your business within the community.  We offer competitive options at a better price and guarantee your satisfaction. Call us for a site survey and Cable TV package quote. We are locally owned, operated and keep the business 100% in the community!
Call us today: 504-466-3474

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