Satellite Center Streams 7 Simultaneous Videos for ESPN!

Satellite Center flawlessly provided a 7 channel high definition REMI backhaul for ESPNU last week from Tulane’s Yulman Stadium in New Orleans to ESPN Master Control in Bristol Connecticut.

Connectivity between the points was a 150mb fiber path. Two return channels were also brought to Yulman via fiber from Bristol and demodulated by Satellite Center for use by the production truck.

REMI is short for remote integration which is a new production technology developed by ESPN. It allows for minimal crew on location and the final production to be switched and produced back in Bristol.

This production technique allows for major savings in crewing and travel expenses while still producing a high quality show for ESPN viewers to enjoy. It also allows ESPN to cover more events throughout the year.

For more info on REMI and other production work, contact Dan Teachworth of Satellite Center at 504-466-3474