The Team

Our team is very important to the success and growth we have been able to achieve. Without the contributions of each and everyone on our staff, Satellite Center would not be the company that it is today.


Dan Teachworth


Dan has been a universal all-round technical guru since childhood. Dan’s background spans way back to the early days of satellite when the big black mesh dishes were the Rave. This was the start of direct to home satellite reception. He opened his first business in 1984 at the age of 21 and through hard work and determination has built it up to what it is today.

Dan has installed most of the Commercial Satellite systems utilized by Television and Radio broadcasters in the city. Particular areas of specialty in the satellite and communications fields are: Operating and maintaining Satellite Uplink trucks,  Satellite Downlink systems Permanent and Transportable,  Hotel TV System Design, Installation and Maintenance, Structural Mounting of Antenna Systems and more. Born in 1963, he has been a New Orleans Native all of his life.

Dan has developed a great reputation as the "Go-To man" for Satellite And hotel television systems. Please feel free to contact him at your convenience.


Debbie Teachworth

Chief Financial Officer

Debbie heads up our accounting department and the major part of what makes the company tick financially. She has done an excellent job in A/P, A/R and is our chief financial officer. A main part of our success is a strong accounting department and Debbie does a wonderful job fueling the machine.  She also excels in managing our software systems, training, contracts and all critical systems of our accounting department.

Debbie is a life long resident of Jefferson Parish and been with the company since her husband Dan started it in the mid 1980s.


Karrie Rose

Karrie is our service and office manager and provides a wonderful connection between all of our customers and our service department. She schedules all service and maintains tech schedules as well as systems and parts ordering systems integration. She also specializes in helping residential and commercial customers select which programming best suits their needs and budget. She is a major asset to the company, a valued employee and very loved by all customers.

She has been with the company for over 15 years and is a life long resident of Jefferson Parish.


Nick Teachworth

Marketing & Development

Nick combines his business management and worldly experiences to offer something fresh and unique to the Satellite Center team. With a growing network stemming from his role on the executive board of the Acacia Fraternity at LSU, Nick uses his technical knowledge and charm to grow and service his account list. With big projects on the horizon get ready to get LIT with Nick!


Tom Fitzgerald

Video Production,  Satellite Truck Operator

Tom Fitzgerald has been shooting, editing and producing video for over thirty years. Based here in New Orleans, he has worked on assignments across the country and overseas in Haiti, The Middle East, Central America, Thailand, Australia and The Netherlands. As an employee of the local NBC affiliate (WDSU), Tom spent years operating Satellite trucks, setting up and manning remote locations and monitoring the stations transmission in master control. Reliability is the cornerstone of Tom’s work, but never at the expense of creatively portraying the clients message.

Tom currently works his magic at Satellite Center as camera Operator, Technical Director calling/switching shows, event/SMT phone producer, running satellite trucks and any other production position that is needed. He is a great all round talent has been a wonderful addition to the team.


Jeff Teachworth

Jeff has been with us since 2012 and has been a great addition to the team. Jeff was an instrumentation tech in the US Air Force stationed in Germany maintaining fighter and cargo planes. His technical abilities are endless and he is our IT engineer and heads up all IT projects and maintenance. He is also a great uplink truck operator and hotel systems tech.

Jeff is a life log resident of Jefferson Parish and a valued employee.


John Leavel

John has been working for the Satellite Center for over 12 years. John is one of our service techs and maintains our hotel and condo television systems as well as systems for other providers. He is a valued employee and is loved by many of our customers. John will make sure all is repaired correctly and working properly.


Matthew Teachworth

Matt has been installing satellite antenna systems since for over 10 years and is a graduate of LSU in construction management.

Matt excels at tv installations in hotels, wiring, and construction and demolition of large and small commercial  satellite antenna used by radio and tv stations. He is very personable, respected by our clients and is a valued addition to our team.

Matt is a life long resident of Jefferson Parish and son of Our fearless leader, Dan Teachworth.


Carey Mulvihill

Carey Mulvihill started his broadcast career in 1974 working at Scientific Atlanta, a major satellite communications systems provider. After 2 years, he returned home to Baton Rouge and spent the next 20 years working in television as a broadcast engineer. He performed various tasks, but most of his time was spent keeping the station on the air.

In 1996 he returned to satellite uplinking, accepting the position as chief engineer at Gulflink Communications, maintaining a fleet of 8 Ku and C Band mobile uplink trucks. After 10 years in that position, Carey stated MCM technical services and worked for local communications companies ranging from data to broadcast television. He continued to provide technical and operational support for Crawford Communications.

Carey also worked for Dutcher Communications, a provider of High Definition encoding equipment rentals for the major TV networks for Sports backhauls. During this time a relationship was formed with The Satellite Center. Initially Carey provided technical support, HD Upgrades to the trucks, etc., etc., but when the need arose, he now doubles as satellite truck operator.

With over 30 years of broadcast television and satellite communications experience, you can rely on Carey Mulvihill to get it right every time!!!

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